Is totalcross compatible with linux_arm64?

Does totalcross currently support linux_arm64?

Yes, it does! After the PACKAGE process, on the “target” folder, you are going to find the “linux 64” folder

I am running your helloworld program on iMX8QXP and I see a segmentation fault when I execute:

[email protected]:/home/ivwatch/linux_arm64# ./HelloWorld
Testing video drivers…
SDL_VIDEODRIVER available: x11 wayland dummy
SDL_VIDEODRIVER selected : x11
SDL_DisplayMode #0: current display mode is 640x480x0
SDL_RENDER_DRIVER available: opengl opengles2 software
SDL_RENDER_DRIVER selected : software
Segmentation fault

I also got a skia related error when I was building a custom image using the meta-totalcross layer. I was able to fix that error with a patch I found online. Not sure if that is the problem …