Performance issues on x86


We are a company that develop application on x86 embedded systems, with linux OS:

Since we have a gui developed in java we are interested in using total cross, so i’ve tried to download and compile the samples from github.
When i download the sample on the target, and i run it, i get very low performance, (slow gui and touch not responsive, cpu usage 38% roughly)

Is there a well known perfomance issue on x86 systems?
The kernel we are using is 4.19.72, SDL version is libsdl2-2.0-0_2.0.9-r0, the x86 baseboard is an intel atom e38xx Q7 and the screen resolution is 1920x1080.

Thank you.

Hi enrico, How you doing?

Yes, some slow performance issues are known, and are being addressed in version 7, you can try our nightly repo by simply changing your pom file

just changing the pom.xml at dependency and totalcross version to 7.0.0, and also, changing the repositories and plugin repositories to nightly, it i’ll have to look like this.


Fine thanks, you?

I’ve tried your suggestion but nothings changes, what could be the issue?

Hi Enrico!

So can you give us more detail on your code, which methods and classes are you using, If you are using something like SQLIte or anything else